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Thursday, 21 Jan 2021

Credits and Thanks


Cloak and Dagger Studios wish to thank a few people who really helped us out during this project:

First and foremost all of the team at  MOLA who worked with us and endured our never ending questions about the tiniest detail...Thanks!

The guys at  Rendermonkey saved our necks during crunch time and really helped us out of a tight spot....Thanks!

Our Wives and offspring for putting up with long hours, for supporting us and for still being enthusiastic when checking the same render for the 20th time. Ellie, Clare, Maya, George, Isaac and Bump.....Thanks!

Big Phil Lane! For keeping us in check, making sure we were not going insane and for always coming out to play.....Thanks!

Cloak and Dagger Studios use the following software:


  • Lightwave 11
  • Vue 10
  • Adobe Creative Suite 5.5
  • 3d Coat


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Further Details

The images, text and videos contained within this site have been produced as part of a joint collobaboration project between Museum of London Archeaology (MOLA) and Cloak and Dagger Studios.

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